Happiness Technology: Rewire your brain
Are you being M.E.N.T.A.L?

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  • Learn how to change your mood instantly

  • Raise your default level of happiness

  • Become more confident and fulfilled

  • Barrel through mental barriers

  • …and a whole lot more besides!

Hello my name’s Dan Cat and we are going to install a new operating system for your mind, a system upgrade.  We'll do some exercises to re-program your brains, so that you can create the optimum version of yourself. The interactive experience lasts for around 4 hours and includes brain-disrupting exercises to create new healthier behavioural patterns, core-confidence and lasting self-esteem. It's a multimedia immersive experience that will raise your default level of happiness: an audio visual feast of fun and awakening. 

I'll train you on using my Instatools - instantly effective techniques that can change your entire way of thinking and turn the most difficult of days and moments around.    

If you employ this technology, not only are you going to help yourselves, but also those around you.

'Dan is a brilliant speaker! I had so many breakthroughs and eureka moments... great structure too. Really brings it all together in the mind.' Jenny M, HappyTech participant April 2018

'Simple and clever delivery of practical methods for day-to-day life. Dan's ideas are fresh and memorable. I've attended three of his events and can't wait for the next ones!' Ilya N, HappyTech participant Jan 2017, April 2018, August 2018

'I wished I'd been exposed to this information ten years ago' Xenia C, HappyTech participant November 2017

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A glimpse inside one of our HappyTech masterclasses at our fabulous new venue the Court Haus in Kennington, London.

Today's episode is brought to you by the letter T - Talk to people and be social. HappyTechTV hosts a No Small Talk Experience and meets the charismatic founder Carolina Gawronski, our guest speaker at the next HappyTech Experience on Good Friday Mar 30th

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HappyTech TV: Are you being M.E.N.T.A.L? Today's show is brought to you by the letter M :)

No-one is ever ready, successful people are those that just f*cking do it. Join Dan and his team as they stumble through the making of a pilot for a TV show. Amazingly, they were allowed to carry on making more episodes!

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