1 to 1 Mindset Coaching

Would you like to:

  • Find out what it is you want to do and how to start doing it

  • Install core-confidence

  • Learn stress-busting instatools

  • Get over yourself, get out of your head and be present

  • Become aware of the devious tricks of the mind

  • Break out of your comfort zone so that you can grow

  • Lead a happier and more fulfilled life

  • Achieve your objectives

Dan can help you in 1-to-1 coaching sessions on Skype, phone or in person anywhere in the world.

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Rachel H, CEO of an eco-clothing company:
‘My first speaking slot was one of the most nerve wracking moments of my life - as well as being the first event I had organised it was also being filmed. So there was a lot of pressure and my mind ran away with itself with everything that could go wrong. It was Dan’s support that helped me not only smash it, but also enjoy it immensely. I am now using all Dan’s tips in my everyday life too and this is helping me to be more confident, more aware and more focussed.’

Matthew T, artist:
'Doing well! Amazing! I have now done 5 new pieces and about to do another one, so objective should be doubled. Just finished my priming! Thank you again, this is such a great toolset. Am recommending you to a number of people as well.'

Aziatik, professional pool player:
'Wow you're a proper guru man.. I was talking myself out of victory last night and you snapped me out of it... you really helped me to move on and think about the present, the shot in front of me, rather than dwelling about the past'

Colin M, graphic designer:
’Dan has really helped me get on top of things. Certain things I thought were out of my control. I feel like I have upped my default state of well being, I no longer dwell on things that used to swim around my head for a few days. It takes practice, but you see results - the same way you do when you start exercising. I’m so glad I found HappyTech.’

Nick Q, music producer:
‘Dan has helped me immensely with my journey with music. Each session I come away feeling inspired and knowing I have taken a step forward. You’re getting years of music production experience - tips and tricks and studio techniques that only comes with years of knowledge - alongside his mindset jedi skills. I know how my software works, I don’t need to be told what instruments do, I want to get insight into solid studio techniques, professional feedback on my tunes and how I can improve them and get them finished. Oh and without any bullshit… And this is what you’ll get. Long may it continue.’

'Dan is a brilliant speaker! I had so many breakthroughs and eureka moments... great structure too. Really brings it all together in the mind.'
Jenny M, HappyTech participant April 2018

'Simple and clever delivery of practical methods for day-to-day life. Dan's ideas are fresh and memorable. I've attended three of his events and can't wait for the next ones!' Ilya N, HappyTech participant Jan 2017, April 2018, August 2018

'I wished I'd been exposed to this information ten years ago' Xenia C, HappyTech participant November 2017






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